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Our mission at SMR Farms is very simple – to demonstrate excellence at everything we do. What does that translate into for our customers? We believe you will see that effort at excellence reflected in the quality of our cattle, turf, trees, landscape services and citrus. We will back that up by standing behind all of our products to make sure you receive a fair and honest value, which is what we think you should expect from us.

In addition to our commitment to our products, we are also committed to our community. Our mission also includes giving back to that community by volunteering, being involved in charitable giving and being excellent stewards of water, wetlands and other natural resources with which our operation is blessed. We have built a reputation on innovative water management practices and resource protection.

We'd love to have a chance to talk to you and demonstrate we mean what we say. Drop by the farms and see for yourself.

The quality of SMR Farms has to pass the test of our customers every day. We treat every head of cattle, every slab of turf, every tree and every orange or tangerine like we have something to prove – which we do.

In our businesses, the external pressures of climate, cost, labor, regulation and safety make each day a significant challenge. But day after day, we have proven that it is possible to ensure that our customers receive the best quality products in their respective markets, while maintaining a safe and friendly work environment in the process.

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