SMR Farms is focused on quality and customer satisfaction. All of the sales, marketing and promises in the world cannot live up to the testimonial of a happy customer, and nothing can do more harm than an unhappy customer. We approach every day with that in mind, and are grateful to have customers acknowledge their experiences with us for the record.

"The Sarasota Polo Club’s 9 polo fields (130 acres) were originally planted in Tifway 419. To date we have replanted 2 of the fields in Celebration and are extremely pleased with the turf -- it grows fast, has superb recovery and great color. Our players love the thick, springy playing surface that the Celebration grass offers. The horses have terrific traction and the polo ball travels true. We sprigged one of the fields in June 2008 and we were playing polo on it seven months later – that was a “wow” for us! Ultimately our plan is to replant all our fields in Celebration. We thank SMR Farms for a great job with the installation and purchase of the Celebration turf." - Maggie Mitchell, Club Manager

"I’ve been buying trees from SMR farms for several years and found their plants are excellent quality, true to name and generously graded. The plants always arrive on time, with the highest quality. It’s easy to tell that their staff takes pride in their work!" - Grant S. Beatt, President / Certified Arborist

"SMR Farms provides the tree industry with exceptional quality and very reasonable pricing. The trees are always Florida #1 quality and the staff is very helpful and accommodating." - Krista Kibbe, Operations Coordinator

"Disney was very happy with the recent tree delivery from SMR at the Allstar Resort Verizon Job. Material was very fat and beefy. And I could see the recent remnants of fertilizer which shows the trees are well taken care of. I was very happy with the execution and delivery of the material. The driver was right on time for both deliveries which minimizes our off load and install efforts. Look forward to working with you on future projects. Thanks again." - Steve Kossler, VP Project Management

"Several years ago we were looking at turf varieties for our newest course at the Lakewood Ranch Golf and Country Club. This course was designed to play firm and fast and we needed a turf that could perform well under the pressures our maintenance practices would place upon it. We selected Celebration Bermudagrass for our newest golf course, principally for its drought tolerance and low nutrient requirements. Now that we have experienced it for a while, we also appreciate its divot recovery, density which helps combat weed infestation, and the deep green color that allows us to forego overseeding in the winter months.

From the start our grower / installer, SMR Farms helped make the installation and grow-in phase of our project the smoothest I’ve ever experienced. The installers did an outstanding job. Once they were on the site they were on cruise control and it was clear they had the experience required to do the job." - Brian Lentz, Course Superintendent, Lakewood Ranch Golf and Country Club

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