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SMR Farms has been providing high-performance golf and sports turfgrasses and professional grassing and installation services for over ten years. Whether you are building a new course, and new field, or just need a couple of pallets of grass for a rehab, SMR Farms can provide a solution for you.

Our palette of improved turfgrasses is only the starting point for our golf and sports business. In addition, SMR Farms maintains strategic alliances that can put virtually any grass on your course at any time. In other words, you can make one stop at SMR Farms for the competitively-priced grassing solution you need.

In summary, isn't SMR Farms just the kind of grassing contractor you have been looking for? Let us talk to you about your new golf course or sports field project, your rebuild or your rehab, and we think you will agree. SMR Farms is your "peace of mind" solution.

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SMR Farms

4715 Lorraine Road
Lakewood Ranch, Florida 34211
877-708-3322 (toll free)
941-708-3322 (local)
941-708-3391 (fax)
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SMR Farms   4715 Lorraine Road   Lakewood Ranch, FL 34211   (941) 708-3322   (877) 708-3322

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