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Allee Elm

The Allee Elm is an introduced tree with a dense, rounded crown of spreading branches.

Description - Fast growing and hardy, this Elm is a handsome ornamental with shown bark and a compact crown which is cultivated for shade and shelterbelts.

Foliage - The Allee Elm's deciduous, bright green leaves turn reddish or purplish in autumn, though they will remain nearly an evergreen in warmer climates.  Leaves are 2 to 3 inches long, 1 to 1-1/2 inches wide, with an elliptical shape.

Flowers - Inconspicuous flowers will appear in September in green clusters where the leaf stem joins the twigs.

Fruit - The fruit of the Allee Elm is insignificant, but yields a heavy crop of papery, disc-winged seeds about 1/3 inch long that appear in late fall.

Bark - The bark exfoliates in puzzle-like patterns exposing a gray-orange-brownish bark.

Habitat - A sturdy, adaptable tree, the Allee Elm tolerates a variety of environmental difficulties with grace, but appreciates the soils in humid, temperate regions.

Range - The Allee Elm is a native of China, Korea and Japan.  It is planted across the United States, especially in the Gulf and Pacific regions.  (Zones 6 thru 9).


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