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SMR Farms can provide you with professional installation service for parks, athletic fields and golf courses. Installation can be accomplished with slabs, big rolls or sprigs. Our people and equipment are first class.

At SMR Farms, we know it is one thing to grow great turfgrasses and another to install them properly. More often than not, nice grass is installed in a haphazard way that detracts from its beauty, and which creates an unhealthy start for turf establishment.

SMR Farms approaches turf installation services with the same demand for excellence it uses throughout the business. We will consult with you on site preparation to ensure that you know how that impacts your final result with the particular turf you choose. Our installation team takes pride in its work, and will do all the little things to make the job look great from day one.

In addition, we look out for the surrounding property during the installation process, and, believe it or not, we clean up after ourselves.

There is a HUGE difference in installers. You really need to check us out.

For further information regarding our installation services, please contact one of our experts via email or call us toll free at 877-708-3322 / locally at 941-708-3322.

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