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Irrigation For Newly Installed Trees

Year round, even during Florida’s rainy season, containerized plants and trees are dependent on supplemental irrigation to provide their moisture needs. This dependency does not stop when a tree is transplanted into the landscape. An SMR Farms containerized tree, with its finely branched and fibrous root system, is very efficient at both water and nutrient uptake, but can only absorb the moisture and minerals that it needs from the relatively limited confines of its root ball. Depending on site and climate conditions, it will be several months before the root system of a transplanted tree has penetrated the surrounding soil sufficiently to significantly utilize any moisture other than that which is applied directly to the root ball. On many sites, just a couple of days after a drenching rain, it will be necessary to irrigate newly planted trees. Newly installed trees, which are growing and adapting to their new locations, are frequently utilizing water from the root ball faster than any appreciable amount of water can be reabsorbed and replaced from the surrounding ground. So, until your trees become established with their roots extending well out into the adjacent landscape, we have three words of advice, “Irrigate, Irrigate, Irrigate!"

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