Maintenance Tips

Putting A Tree In Its Place

Think very carefully about tree placement. A tree planted in the wrong location is nothing more than a very expensive weed. With a little careful thought you can avoid placing the right tree in the wrong place. Information like what we have provided on this website about a tree’s growth rate and ultimate size can prevent you from placing it too close to a building, sidewalk or driveway. Knowing a tree’s final size will also help with determining tree spacing at planting time. A tree variety that looses all of its leaves every winter may be OK next to a patio where you would appreciate the cooling shade each summer. The additional warming rays of sun filtering through bare branches each winter would be nice. But would you want it adjacent to your swimming pool when those leaves start dropping? Blooming trees certainly add a bonus to every landscape, but if allergies or bees are a problem, you might want to place them in a distant location. Just like in a successful business, location is everything!

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