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We try to pass on interesting and useful information we come across about the tree and nursery business, with the hope that it may help you in some way continue to address your needs, as well as the state of our important industry.

Brown Patch Disease In Improved Turfgrasses Brown patch disease can be common in improved turfgrasses during the Fall.

The following are frequently asked questions about this aspect of our business. We hope you will find them helpful. However, if you need further information, please click on "Contact Us" and let us know.


What are your hours of operation?
A call into our office will get you in touch with one of our turfgrass experts during our regular business hours, which are from 7:00 AM until 5:00 PM, Monday through Friday. If you call outside of those times, please leave a voice mail message with Turf Sales, and someone will call you as soon as possible.
What kind of guaranty comes with a purchase of your turf?
SMR Farms stands behind all of its products. Accordingly, we will gladly replace any sod discovered to be contaminated with insects or disease, if notice is given in writing within 48 hours of it leaving our field. This warranty reflects the fact that conditions in the field vary widely, and that the pre-existing presence of chinch bugs or other harmful organisms can rapidly manifest themselves in newly-installed turfgrass, and are beyond the control of SMR Farms.
Do you provide delivery for turf?
Generally, our customers provide their own transportation. SMR Farms personnel will have turf palletized and prepared for loading, and will assist in getting the turf safely onto customer-provided vehicles. SMR Farms can provide delivery in the greater Tampa Bay area, subject to advance scheduling and availability of trucks. Costs are subject to change from time to time, so please call to ask about our charges for this service.
Does SMR Farms offer maintenance after purchase?
No. Beyond the regular maintenance program in growing our turfgrass, SMR Farms does not offer maintenance programs for the commercial or residential customers. Consult the internet for professional, licensed maintenance companies in your area.
What is the best time for turf installation?
Turf installations are done year around. The optimum time however is in the spring when growth is more vigorous, and when temps are lower thus making watering more efficient.
How long should I water my newly installed turfgrass?
Unfortunately there is not a generic answer for this question. Obviously you wouldn’t water as much in the spring or fall as you would in the summer months. Typically, you water two times per day for the first week, the first event starting early in the morning around 4:00 am and the second event around 1:00 pm, each event placing at least ½ inch of water on the new turf. Reduce watering to one event per day in the following week and reduce to your local limit thereafter.
When should I first fertilize my new lawn and how long before I should fertilize again?
When new turf is properly installed, a starter fertilizer should be applied at labeled rates. The subsequent applications should be done according to the turf variety and time of year. Check with your turf installer or contact your local County Extension Agent for specific information.
How do I determine which turf variety is best to use around my new or existing home?
There are many factors to consider when choosing the right turfgrass for your lawn. Here are a few - shade tolerance; drought tolerance; insect pressures (e.g. chinch bugs); and nutrient/fertilizer requirements.

This part of our website allows us to share some useful tips on tree maintenance with you. Some of these tips will remain here indefinitely because of their overall importance to keeping your trees healthy and beautiful. As always, be vigilant in looking for changes and problems in your trees – early intervention is always better. If in any doubt at all, seek professional help by calling a reputable arborist. Insisting on a professional arborist will help you ensure that you won’t be sorry.

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