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Recently, SMR Farms has introduced Charolais bulls into a terminal cross program. With the magnificent creamy white bulls purchased from Southern Cattle Company in Marianna, Florida, SMR Farms is committed to producing a top-quality and heavier beef-market alternative to its straight Brangus line.

It has been said that no other breed has impacted the North American beef industry as significantly as the introduction of Charolais. The Charolais came into widespread use in the United States cattle industry at a time when producers were seeking larger framed, heavier cattle than the traditional British breeds. The increased use on the range indicates that the cows have performed well under a variety of environmental conditions. Their ability to walk, graze aggressively in warm weather, withstand reasonable cold, and raise heavy calves has drawn special praise from many that have them.

For more information on upcoming auctions, please contact one of our experts via email or call us toll free at 877-708-3322 / locally at 941-708-3322.

SMR Farms has been a setting for cattle for decades. These images of our cattle will help you get an idea of the treat you are in for when you see them at auction or in person at the Ranch.
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